La Boulangerie de Bali


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La Boulangerie De Bali, an authentic French Bakery, in the heart of Seminyak Village.
From the Tradition of the Master Bakers a selection from over 80 classic handmade French, organic European breads and pastries.

La Boulangerie de Bali bakes a wide variety of traditional breads daily, like our Famous French Farmer Baguette cooked in a wood fire oven.
This traditional and classic loaf captures the heart and soul of France, where they are wrapped around the middle with a small piece of paper for the consumer to carry.

In France, Artisan Bakeries are an integral part of daily culture. In France seventy percent of the bread consumed is made by small Artisan bakeries, usually family owned.
French law is quite precise, stating that for a shop to be called a boulangerie (bread bakery), all the breads with designated names such as "Baguette" must be made from scratch, on the premises.
One would stop by their local boulangerie to pickup bread in the morning for breakfast and lunch, and again in the evening.
Typically, only enough bread needed for the day is bought, ensuring fresh flavor and texture.

We use traditional methods, and only the finest natural ingredients to ensure each bread we create is of the highest quality, with a crisp crust and a soft, flavorful crumb.
If you're in the mood for fine bread, delicious and decadent dessert, La Boulangerie de Bali's has just what you're looking for.

Our talented chefs, using the fines chocolates, liqueurs, and ingredients from around the world, are able to offer a wide selection of scrumptious desserts daily.
When it comes to quality French baking you have found Bali premier patisserie.

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