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Best Selling Organic Breads
Wholemeal 500 Gr
Cashew-Nuts Bread 500 Gr
Linseed 500 Gr
Multi Grain 500 Gr
Onion Wholemeal 500 Gr
Pure Rye 500 Gr
Sesame 500 Gr
Spelt 500 Gr
Sun Flower 500 Gr
Pumkin 500 Gr

Germany is a country known for fine food, but it is perhaps most renown for the fine art of baking. German bakers and their creations are respected the world over, particularly when their production is strictly organic orientated and certificated. La boulangerie de Bali became active in the organic movement in Bali during the last years and focussing on wholemeal bread . Committed to top quality and in order to support the local organic community, La boulangerie de Bali began working on the development of a complete local organic supplying chain for all its ingredients and began in using organic wholemeal wheat flour, organic grown potatoes, onions and cashew nuts from the local market. All other organic ingredients are still imported from Germany for the time being.
Our German Master Baker Mr. Günter uses century old recipes and creates sourdough wholemeal breads of superb quality and flavour. Baking true sourdough wholemeal bread is a delicate and lengthy process that demands the finest organic ingredients and painstaking preparation.

The Benefits of Organic Wholemeal Breads

Low G I    High in dietary fibre    96 % fat free    No preservatives    Free from genetically altered products    Reduction of Cholesterol    Decline of Diabetes    Prevention of Caries    . . . and many more benefits

The Bread Grain

THE BREAD GRAIN - the Source of Benefits Wholemeal bread - grain for grain a valuable nutrient contributor! Why FULL grain? The germ and the outer zones contain the most valuable parts of the grain. For “normal” flour however especially these most important parts are being removed from the grain to produce a special fine and light coloured white flour, only in order to get the flour longer durable and consequently less nutritious!


From the seedling emerges the young cereal. It contains many valuable nutrients, like e.g. vegetable protein, fat, vitamins and mineral materials.

Flour body
The flour body consists of small starch grains, being surrounded by protein. Protein and starch play an important role for the nutrition.
Fruit and seed coat (outer zone)
Valuable nutrients are stored also in the outer zone of the grain: Protein, vitamins of the B-group, and mineral materials such as calcium, phosphorus and iron. The coat of the grain consists of indigestible dietary fibres, which energize the intestine activity. Therefore dietary fibres are indispensable for a balanced nutrition.

Diabetary Fibers

A sufficient absorption of dietary fibres is extremely important for digesting and the health of human beings. They help also to prevent elevated blood lipids, diabetes and cardiovascular circulation disturbances.

The impact of dietary fibres for humans

A sufficient absorption of dietary fibres is extremely important for digesting and the health of human beings. Wholemeal bread contains all the good dietary fibres, which are missing in the usual bread made from white flour (refined white flour) as well as in peeled rice. Cellulose, which occurs in grain and legumes, is an insoluble dietary fibre. Since dietary fibres are not digested, they supply no energy to the body. Thus dietary fibres contain no calories. For example, through its dietary fibres rye helps against a multiplicity of problems such as acne or head shed, skin irritations or generally stressed, dry and flabby skin, as well in the case of hormone conversions in the youth or in the age.

Dietary fibres drop the blood cholesterol level

Dietary fibres bind gall acids, which contains cholesterol and lower thus the blood cholesterol level. The relationship of HDL ("good cholesterol") to LDL ("bad cholesterol") will be improved. In addition other toxic materials are more easily egested.

Dietary fibres help to prevent overweight

Dietary fibres bind water and swell in the stomach. Thus the emptying of stomach is delayed and one feels longer full. In addition dietary fibre rich food has a smaller energy density, thus one ingests fewer calories.

Dietary fibres stimulate the digesting

Dietary fibres bind water, swell in the stomach and stimulate the formation of intestine bacterias. Thus digesting is increased lively as well as the bowel movement volume. The so called "passage time" as well as the danger of constipation drops.

Dietary fibres stabilize the blood sugar level

As dietary fibres delay the absorption of carbohydrates, the blood sugar level remains constant. Thus the readiness to perform and the concentration ability remain constant over a longer time. In addition the danger to get sick with diabetes declines.

Dietary fibres lower the danger of colon cancer

As dietary fibres stimulate digesting and bind toxic irritants it comes to shorter times of stomach and intestine contact with toxic and cancer cancer-causing substances. The danger drops to get colon cancer.

Dietary fibres help to prevent caries

The chewing activity is stimulated through the fibrous structure of dietary fibres, it comes to increased salivation, which increases again the release of bicarbonate. Bicarbonate helps to neutralize tooth enamel destructive acids. Thus the risk of caries drops.

Wholemeal Wheat and Rye Flour - Nutritious Flours

Wholemeal Wheat and rye flours contain many important nutrients, which the body needs daily. Wholemeal wheat as well as rye flours are the basis and the most valuable substances in terms of nutritianal physiology of our tasty breads and rolls.

Carbohydrates play a large role as energy producer. Since they are slowly absorbed and used by the body, they give strength and stamina for many hours.

B-vitamins are crucial for the muscle metabolism and higher nerve activity, because they help to convert carbohydrates optimally into energy. Thus one remains fit at every turn, mentally and physically.

Protein forms brain cells, body tissues and muscles. Wholemeal wheat and rye flours supply valuable vegetable protein.

. Iron is necessary for the formation of the red haemoglobin (blood pigment), which transports the vital oxygen into each individual cell. All who are in the process of growing, do in particularly need much iron.

Calcium is indispensable for the structure of bones and teeth. Wholemeal wheat and rye flours contain plenty of calcium. Therefore flour products as bread and roll make people fully alive.

Nutrition Facts

Organic Wholemeal Sourdough Breads average values - slight differences per bread type

Serving per loaf approximate 18 slices
Serving size approximate 28 g (500 g)
42 g (750 g)
average qty. average qty
per serving per 100 g
28 g

Energy 221 kj 799 kj
Protein 1,6 g 5,7 g
Fat Total 0,95 g 3,4 g
- Saturated 0,2 g 0,7 g
Carbohydrate 8.3 g 30,2 g
- Sugars 0,5 g 1,9 g
Dietary Fibres 2,2 g 7,9 g
Sodium 149 mg 536 mg

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